Chicken Hotdog & Egg Omelet

We saw the roadside food cart while on our way to Saint Lawrence Church from Kukkundoor. Britto said this guy makes good Chicken Hotdogs. We decided to try it while coming back. After our visit to the church, we went to the Gomateshwara statue and came back to this acclaimed local hotdog shop.  

Chef of the moment 🍴🍕🍔

Food Cart Vendor
Food Cart Vendor

It was the lone food cart on the highway doing food business without competition. After dark, there was not much movement of vehicles on the road. I wondered how he survived the business.

I parked the car on the opposite lane and had to cross the divider by foot. There were three youngsters sitting on a plastic chair. The master chef was preparing hotdogs for them.

Chicken Hotdog 🐶🐶🐕

Chicken Hotdog
Chicken Hotdog

We ordered for a Chicken Hotdog and an Egg Omelet. At the same moment, a car stopped by on the opposite lane and the person the driving seat placed takeaway order from the car. Well, the chef is doing a brisk business!

The chicken hotdog, with the sausage inside with generous spread of mayonnaise, and the little onions sprinkled and some lettuce – this would have tasted so good. But the chicken hotdog was entirely different here.

The chef cut the hotdog bun in the middle and put lots of shredded chicken masala inside. He also squeezed in some tomato sauce and the world famous simple chicken hotdog was ready.

Well, I enjoyed the hotdog but had to chew more than what the sausage would have made me to chew. I felt the chicken inside though.

Egg Omelete 🍳

Egg Omelet
Egg Omelet

I even tasted the omelet and it tasted like an egg omelet, what else. However, I liked the way he presented with generous onions.   

This was not the dinner for us and a bigger party was awaiting us at Britto’s house.

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