Friends house at Kukkundoor (Karkala)

We arrived at Britto’s house at about 5 p.m. Britto is our colleague and a good friend of us. He is much younger than we are. He hails from Kukkundoor, a small village near Karkala. He had come to his house two days earlier on a Christmas vacation. His house is in the midst of their 15 acres farmland built in an urban style. One can have a beautiful view of the farm from the balcony.

I found little difficult to trace his house from the main road though the Google map showed the correct path. I was little doubtful until Britto confirmed the road and finally we were at his house. He introduced his family members to us and we chatted with his brother who had come from abroad for Christmas vacation.

After sometime, we walked into the farm that consisted of plantations like coconut trees, areca, sapodilla, guava and some flowering plants. We walked until the pump house and the old well and later returned to the house.  

An old well
An old well

It was getting dark and we thought we should explore some more places nearby before we settle down. Britto suggested that we visit the Saint Lawrence Church and the Gomateshwara Statue and we liked the idea. We covered these two places in two hours and returned to Kukkundoor.

Initially our plan was to visit him at his house and move on to the next destination. However, Britto suggested that we stay and attend a small party at his house. They were celebrating his elder brother’s marriage anniversary. He arranged for a vacant house for our stay. It was close by to his house.

Our accommodation

Britto House
The house we stayed in

The party started and my happiness had no bounds when I saw a full bottle of Chivas 🥃 at my disposal. The party 🎉🍻🎈 ended soon at 2 a.m. and I went to bed 🛏 little early at 12 a.m.  

Further reading – Kukkundoor

Hibiscus flower (bonus image)

Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus flower captured in the farm

I captured the hibiscus flower at Britto’s farm with my mobile phone. I hope this post was worth reading. Our visit to Britto’s was a part of our road trip from Bangalore. Click on the link for more stories.

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