We missed the sunset at Agumbe

We passed through Agumbe hill at about 4 p.m. and missed the sunset view due to time constraints. We could not afford to wait until the sunset because we had to reach out to our friend’s place in Karkala as soon as possible.

Sunset Point Agumbe

View of sunset point Agumbe
View of sunset point Agumbe

Selfie time at Sunset Point

Tourist at Sunset Point Agumbe
Tourist at Sunset Point Agumbe

In the above photograph, the people are busy posing for the photographs. While some are looking at the camera and some are looking down, I could see one person looking up with his mouth wide open. He saw an alien.

Agumbe Hill Road
Captured from sunset view point – Agumbe

Never mind the sunset, driving the Agumbe hill road itself was a wonderful experience. We did stop at the highest point of the hill and walked towards the sunset viewpoint to feel the depth. Believe me, it was a breathtaking experience.

While reading about Agumbe in Wikipedia, I was surprised that we missed so many things to see in this beautiful hill, be it the waterfalls, a small village and even a temple with a beautiful architecture. I promised myself to go there again with more time to spend.

In the endnote of my previous posts, I have stated “this post is a part of my three days road trip from Bangalore to Agumbe” because Agumbe was the last point in our road trip circuit. We covered rest of the places while returning to Bengaluru. Our next destination was a small village near Karkala called Kukkundoor that I will be covering in the subsequent posts. Please click on the link for the places we covered en route and do not forget to follow me on the social medias. Lets connect.

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