Drive from Belur to Horanadu

The real fun of driving starts from Beluru to Horanadu, about 112 kms in the midst of green lands. If you are driving at this junction, be relaxed and enjoy the nature at its best. You will not get this opportunity again until your next road trip to this place.

Driving on this stretch on narrow and curvy roads gives an enthralling experience. The mesmerizing views of the forests, coffee plantations and the beautiful country houses are something every traveller craves to experience.

I did not feel even a pinch of tiredness after driving non-stop until we reached Kalasa at 5 p.m.  It is a small temple town and we stopped in a junction with several shops selling products native to the place. We snacked some chilli bajji’s and Mangalore buns and refreshed ourselves with a cup of coffee.

Snacking Bajji & Mangalore Buns

Shop near Kalasa Junction
Shop near Kalasa Junction

I purchased a bottle of Kokum Syrup in Kalasa. The Kokum has lots of health benefits, check out the web.

Konkum Syrup

Kokum Syrup - check the benefits
Kokum Syrup – check the benefits

We were on a day one of our road trip from Bangalore and had not booked any rooms yet. We enquired with the locals about the availability of the rooms but their reply was negative. It put us in a catch-22 situation.

There was a large influx of tourists due to the holiday seasons. However, we got some hope when we saw several properties en route to Horanadu from Kalasa. Not all of them will have a tie up with mobile apps like make my trip or even GoIbibo.

We checked two properties and were fortunate to book a room in the third property in an amazing location – Hebbale. The property’s name is Nagagiri Comforts and we had wonderful experience there.

Road side shop – Hebbale

Road side shop - Kalasa Horanadu Road
Road side shop – Kalasa Horanadu Road

Travelling without bookings might be an adventurous thing to do.  However, the individual’s experience will vary from good to not so good.

This story is a part of my road trip from Bengaluru to Agumbe. We visited two popular places – Belur and Halebeedu before reaching Horanadu. Please check those posts. Thanks for reading and I hope you are active in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  and will subscribe.

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