Movie and Meal at Forum Bengaluru

My little daughter tricked me to this movie “Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse” without telling me it was a cartoon. She thought I would not go with her as I showed less interest for the cartoon series at home. I booked the tickets for 10.45 a.m. show at PVR Playhouse Forum Mall, Koramangala, in Bengaluru. I did not even read the reviews or try to know what kind of movie it was.

Since the Forum Mall is at least an hour’s drive from home, we left early without having breakfast with the plan to have it in the mall. There is no dearth for restaurants in this mall in Koramangala but they were yet to open. This is when we feel more hunger and feel as if we are going to faint in a moment. My daughter was already holding her stomach.

We came down to the ground floor and saw the McDonalds open. We both ran towards it as if it is going to close again. That was just for fun. There were already two customers inside. We ordered for a McChicken meal and a McEgg burger. The McChicken meal came in first and we had to wait for the McEgg.

Happy at McDonalds

Happy meal at McDonalds

While we were waiting for our order at the corner seat, I saw this teenage boy walking towards the table holding the tray. A woman staff came behind him and took the burger from his tray, slightly opened the wrapper and examined inside. Later, she kept the burger back on the tray and left saying sorry.  I took this photo (below) after the incident.

The Burgers

McDonalds Burgers
McDonalds Burgers

I know there is nothing interesting about this story. However, I feel that whatever happened was weird, especially in the restaurants like McDonalds. Imagine if it was me (or you), waiting for somebody to examine our meal while we stood holding the tray. There is always a better way to communicate and sort the confusions.

Teen customer at McDonalds

Well, that was my opinion. We had some more time left for the movie to start and so we strolled in the ground floor. There we saw this TVS NTorq transformed into a transformer and it was amazing. There was going to be an event and we witnessed it after the movie.

TVS NTorq Event at Forum Mall

TVS NTorq Event
TVS NTorq Event

The female host was driving the show and there was a competition. Anybody who matched 12 parts in the transformer with the NTorq parked next to it in 60 seconds would get a movie tickets to Bumbleblee.

My daughter looked at me with a smile and I thought it was time to vacate the place. What is your story for today?

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