Bangalore to Halebeedu

This distance from Bangalore to Halebeedu is about 215 kilometres. Being a holiday season the tollgates on the Bengaluru Hassan highway saw lengthy lines of cars and trucks. Waiting near the tollgates were frustrating, otherwise the drive was fun on the highway.

The Thatte idlies at the Brahmins increased my energy level so much so that I did not feel like taking break until I reached Halebeedu. However, not everybody’s bladder is of same size and so had to stop once on the way, for my colleague’s sake.

On the way to Belur

One the way to Belur
One the way to Belur
Fresh sugarcane juice
Fresh sugarcane juice

I pulled the car near the tender coconut and sugarcane juice vendor. While all three of them opted for tender coconut water, I opted for the sugarcane juice. The vendor crushed the fresh set of sugarcanes keeping a pinch of ginger and half a lemon in between the sugarcanes. Can you imagine the taste?

We followed the Google maps and for some reason it left us in the dead end of the road. I had to seek the locals help and take cut roads to reach the destination. Our travel time from Bengaluru to Halebeedu was good four hours.

It was a holiday season, Christmas and New Year eve. The students from several schools and other holiday travellers were already exploring the ruins of Halebeedu. It was little difficult to locate a suitable parking space but somehow managed to find one.

We spent about an hour exploring the intricate stone carvings and shopping for some brass items. The prices were higher here than in Beluru for the same set of items. I am not going to shop here during my next visit. Beluru has more options for lesser prices.

I captured several photographs in Halebeedu. Consider checking my Halebeedu Gallery. This post is a part of my Bangalore to Agumbe trip.

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