Jaisalmer Restaurant St Marks Road Bangalore

If you are lost in St Marks Road searching for a restaurant then I have a suggestion. Try the Jaisalmer North Indian restaurant right in St Marks Road, Bengaluru. My colleagues stumbled here for a buffet and were overjoyed with the varieties of food they binged. For Rs. 300 plus GST, what they told me they had seemed worth every penny.

Within a week, I joined them to the Jaisalmer restaurant and this time we chose to have the Rajasthani Thali at Rs. 150 plus GST. The Thali consisted about 13 items including the main dishes like chapatti and pulao rice. What I liked the most was the pulao rice, bendi fry (Ladies Finger) and the super cold curd. All the other items were also good except the Gulab Jamun that was little hard to break.

Rajasthani Thali at Jaisalmer Restaurant Bangalore

Rajasthani Thali in Bangalore
Rajasthani Thali Starters (Captured with Redmi Note 5 Pro)


Wheat Chapati (Captured with Redmi Note 5 Pro)


Papad (Captured with Redmi Note 5 Pro)


Veggies (Captured with Redmi Note 5 Pro)

The Jaisalmer restaurant serves many north Indian cuisines and they keep changing according to their timetable. The ambience is perfectly suitable for couples and families. The staffs are welcoming and their service is faster. I have not tried the buffet yet. I am planning to go there with my family soon and I will come back with the review.

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