Short Trek in Melukote

It is only 40 kms drive from Sri Bhoo VarahanathaSwamy temple to the temple town of Melukote. Moreover, it is on the way to Bengaluru. Therefore, we decided to drive to Melkote while returning home. It was fun again to drive on the narrow countryside road that threw a wonderful view of rural sceneries.

There are two main temples in Melukote 1) The Cheluvanarayanaswamy Temple and the 2) Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple at the hilltop. The temples are open all day except for few hours in the afternoon.

We reached Melukote temple one hour early before it opened so we looked at the possibilities of exploring nearby places. We cracked a conversation with a person who ran a small tea shop. He suggested that we visit the Dhanushkodi hillock and the famous Rayagopura and later to visit the temple.

The drive towards Dhanushkodi was little worrisome because of the bad road with lots of jelly stones. We feared of flat tyres or any damage to the car as we were quite far away from the town to get help. My friend drove the car reluctantly until he found a nice grassy place to park the car. From here, we had to trek a bit to the hilltop.

Dhanushkodi, Melkote

Dhanushkoti Hill
Mesmerizing view from Dhanushkoti Hill, Melukote (Camera Sony A5100)

This was our first visit to the very top of the Dhanushkodi hill. The view down was so mesmerizing that we stood there just observing it. There is a small temple and a tiny pond to which water flows from the rocks.

Rama Chilume Dhanushkoti
Rama Chilume Dhanushkoti (Camera Sony A5100)

The legend is that Lord Rama shot an arrow to bring water for Sita. In fact, there are several such places in India right from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka. There is a small board hanged in the temple depicting these places.

Hill Top Temple
Temple at hilltop (Camera: Sony A5100)
Lord Rama Temple
Shri Rama Temple (Camera Sony A5100)

I saw a woman in the temple who had no ability to speak. She was trying to interact with the visitors with great difficulty,communicating less with sign language and more with sound. I felt pity for her. She was the only person in the temple and the rest of them were the visitors. I wonder how she stayed here when there were no people around. Did she stay hereafter dark? Who gave here food? These are the question still running in my mind.

Rayagopura, Melkote

Rayagopura Melkote
Rayagopura, Melkote (Camera Sony Alpha 5100)

The Rayagopura is a place not to miss in Melukote. If you followed the Indian cinema, you will realize how popular this spot is. The movie makers love to shoot here. Do you know one or two movies shot here? Comment below and your next cup of coffee is on me. I am in Bengaluru!

Cheluvanarayanaswamy Temple, Melkote

We spent less than an hour inside the Cheluvanarayanaswamy temple. There was a moving crowd inside the temple and so our “Dharshan” was quicker. Melkote is popular for “Puliyogare” a type of rice prepared with Tamarind, Jaggery and other spices. We had this dish inside the temple and had more of it in a shop outside the temple as well.

We could not cover the Yoganarasimha Swamy temple as we ran short of time. We started from Melukote at about 5.45 pm and reached Bengaluru by 10 p.m. This time we took the Hassan-Tumkur-Bengaluru route.

That was my road trip story. Please subscribe to my blog and keep visiting for more travel experiences in South India.

4 thoughts on “Short Trek in Melukote

    1. I have seen Kalyani during my earlier visits. It is indeed very beautiful. I will be visiting Melukote again and will surely photograph it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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