The scenic Sri Bhoo Varahanatha Swamy Temple

Long trip from Bengaluru is what most of Bengalureans long for. Come weekend and we start short-listing the places to cover in a day. There are so many places to visit near Bengaluru and is literally uncountable baring some popular destinations.

Sri Bhoo Varahanatha Swamy Temple

Bhuvarahaswamy Temple
Sri Bhoo Varahanatha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli (Mandya)

A few weeks back I completed a road-trip with my colleagues to the scenic Sri Bhoo Varahanatha Swamy temple in Kallahalli (Mandya Dist), This destination is about 160 kms from Bengaluru.

There are two ways to reach this temple 1) via Mysore Road and 2) via Tumkur-Hassan route. We choose Mysore road so that we can have our breakfast at Bidadi, a small town popular for thatte idly’s (Idli bigger than its normal size).

This road trip gave us much needed relaxation from our stressed out office life. It was a lovely drive from Bengaluru, part of which was countryside with beautiful views of agricultural fields, flower plants, small-scale factories and so many other things that we do not get to see in our daily life.

Country Road
We drove on this road

We started from home at about 7 a.m. and escaped the city traffic. In an hour or so, we were in Bidadi eating Thatte Idli in a small but popular restaurant right next to the Bidadi Police Station.

It was a smooth drive on the Bengaluru Mysuru highway as usual. However, the fun started after Srirangapatna towards the Bhuvarahaswamy Temple. The narrow and curvy road threw a beautiful view upon us. It was lush greeneries everywhere and added to it was beautiful farms, remote village houses, giant trees and so on.

A Sadhu photographed at the temple

Temple Sadhus
A Sadhu (Photo captured in the temple)

We were lost so much that we did not realize that we actually spent more time travelling on this narrow road. As we craved for more travel time, our destination arrived. I did not expect the Google map to do wonders here.

As we took a final turn, the road led us straight to the Bhuvarahaswamy temple and the river Hemavathi. The temple was undergoing renovation and is going to be more beautiful in the future. The river Hemavathi was a delight to watch. I wonder what excitement the people on the coracle were going through. I would have let my drone cam fly above the river if I had one. 

Bathing Cow
Woman bathing the cow

There seemed to be fewer visitors to the temple but the crowd inside the temple moved slowly. It took at least 30 minutes for our turn to stand in front of the grand statue of Sri Bhuvarahaswamy and pray.

There is a belief that one who prays here for a house will have their wishes fulfilled. In fact, my colleague had come here to pray for a house. Earlier, he had the loan sanctioned and had zeroed in on a flat to buy but for some reason the deal was cancelled.

The temple priest suggested my friend to bring in some soil from outside the temple to which he did some rituals. My friend took the soil home as suggested by the priest. I hope my friends dream come true and so mine too.

We had food in the temple dining hallthat is few yards away from the temple overseeing the Hemavathi River. Later,we strolled near the river for a while and left to our next destination, theMelkote Temple.

Link to Temple Website

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