The heavenly Mysore Palace

The Amba Vilas Palace or the Mysore Palace as it is popularly known is the primary tourist attraction in Mysore. This palace was built little more than a century ago when the old wooden palace was burnt down sometimes in the 18th century. The Mysore Palace attracts millions of tourists every year, especially during the Dasara holidays. I was here just a week before the Dasara holidays started.

Ambavilas Palace

Illuminated Mysore Palace
Illuminated Mysore Palace

I had two things in mind for the day 1) To visit Chamundi Hills and 2) to see the Mysore Palace illuminated. The Mysore Palace goes in full bloom after 7 p.m. for a while during the weekends and during public holidays. I came from Chamundi Hills riding my Royal Enfield Bullet and approached the Palace from Harding Circle (a popular landmark of Mysore).

The Palace was partially dark and only few lights were on. There were no crowd and I thought the lights are not happening today. Should I go and switch on the lights? That is easy and I do it at home every day.

As I passed the Gun House, I took a U-turn to ride towards the Harding Circle. For my surprise, I saw a small crowd near the royal gate and the Palace lights were blinking intermittently.

I parked my motorcycle and walked towards the gate while taking out my Sony A5100 from the pouch. The crowd was staring at the palace eagerly waiting for the lights to go on in full bloom.

Partially lit Mysore Palace

Partially lit Mysore Palace
Partially lit Mysore Palace

The flickering of the lights itself was so beautiful that the Palace looked so awesome. It’s been several years since I stood in front of this heritage property and it was kind of nostalgic moment for me.

Within few minutes thousands of filaments burnt in unison inside each bulb illuminating the entire Ambavilas Palace. It was a heavenly feeling to look at the Mysore Palace completely brightened up and my blinking of eyes slowed down drastically.

The Glorious Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace
The Ambavilas Palace (Mysore Palace)

Every camera phones were clicking and the Palace was either on the foreground or on the background. That day, only the newborn seemed to have not carried the gadgets.

The joy of watching the completely illuminated Mysore Palace lasted only for few minutes. The people dispersed as they do in a cinema hall after the movie ends. However, the fun was still there for some of them. The Tonga wala’s stole the show as the tourists boarded the illuminated Tongas for a Royal Ride.

It was time for me to ride back home after meeting my friend in D.Devaraja Urs Road. He owns a mobile phones store and I got to spend some time with him there.

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