An evening in Chamundi Hills Mysore

The Chamundi Hill is a popular landmark of Mysore City, the city of palaces. It is not only a Hindu religious place but also a popular tourist destination. 🚌

Chamundi Hills by evening

Chamundi Hill Road
Chamundi Hill Road

While growing up in Mysore I frequented Chamundi Hills at least once a month. After relocating to Bangalore for work, I have lost the trend and I barely get a chance to go to the hill even though I am in Mysore during the weekends.😔

I bought the Royal Enfield Bullet in Bengaluru and never once, went to Chamundi Hills riding it. Three Saturdays ago, I decided to ride my Enfield to the hill in the evening.🏍

Bullet 350
My Bullet 350 parked on the side (Chamundi Hill Road)

The Chamundi Hills attract several types of visitors👨‍👧‍👧. The devotees go there every week, the joggers climb the stairs everyday and the tourists are there all the time. As a devotee, I prefer to go to the temple in the morning but I like to be at the top of the hill in the evening enjoying the beautiful view of the Mysore city.

Mysore Race Course
Mysore Race Course – A view from Chamundi Hill.

When you are coming here for the first time, try to spot the Lalitha Mahal Palace and the Mysore racecourse from the hill. They look so beautiful from the top. There are Vantage points marked to view these splendid landmarks of Mysore city. Please do ensure to park your vehicle without hindering other vehicle moments.

I started from home just before dark and the ride to the Chamundi Hills was super awesome. I stopped in couple of places while riding on the hill for some photographs.

My Sony Alpha 5100 gave me some beautiful landscapes that are worth the background for my mobile and computer devices. In fact, I captured all the photographs in this post through my Sony Alpha 5100. You may feel the clarity little downgraded and that is because I reduced its size to fit the post.

If you are a first timer to the hill, as you drive, there is a deviation to Nandi statue. You can visit the temple at the Summit and or take a deviation and visit Nandhi. You can also stop at the junction and enjoy the aerial view of the City beneath.

Chamundi Hill Telescope
Atop Chamundi Hill: A spot where one can get a beautiful areal view of Mysore City.

During my visit, there were many tourists and locals enjoying the cool breeze and the beautiful view of the lighted City. Youngsters were enjoying taking selfies and I did see few of them experimenting with their professional cameras.

It was time to get down and I planned to go to the Mysore Palace. Instead of taking the usual route, I took a deviation towards Lalitha Mahal Palace Road and to my surprise, there was an event happening near the helipad.

The people were celebrating the Dasara Kite Festival. Even after dark the celebrations was on though there was no kites flying. A local band was performing various numbers while the audiences where enjoying the live music. There were several food stalls catering to the food cravings of the people there. The children were having fun on the air-filled slider.

Mysore Band
A local band in Mysore performing in the helipad (during annual kite festival 2018)

I spent some time there and later left to the Mysore Palace to photograph the magnificent Amba Vilas Palace completely lighted.

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