Bangalore to Mysore motorcycle ride

Just a month ago, I went solo ride from Bengaluru to Mysuru. It was Friday and without concrete plans, I left my office early in my motorcycle to the “city of palace.”

The stress in me asked for a change and I just wanted to ride and feel a different kind of pain. “Your body aches when you ride your motorcycle for longer hours.”

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Silver
My Royal Enfield Bullet 350 stationed at McDonald’s Bangalore-Mysore Road.

It was my bullet and me, I did not carry anything with me. Not even my office laptop except a pair of gloves to keep my hands comfortable from vibrations. I do not have a riding gear, I think I should buy them. 🏇

It was a bright sunny day and I somehow felt it would rain as I near my hometown.

The weather indicated rain in few hours and so I planned to buy rainproof jacket in Decathlon in the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Luckily, I did not face any traffic issues, had I left at 6.00 p.m. or later, the situation would have been difficult.

At the Decathlon store, I spent more than an hour to buy just a waterproof jacket, not that I was searching for it, I was window-shopping all the sports goods in the store.

Decathlon, Bangalore-Mysore Highway

Decathlon Bangalore-Mysore Road
Decathlon Bangalore-Mysore Road

It was almost dark now and I had to reach my home in Mysore before 10 p.m. so I did not plan for a d route except for McDonalds near Maddur. As planned, I was eating burger meal at one of the world’s famous burger home.

At McDonald’s, the staff enquired me if I was happy with the meal, if I was enjoying it. I have come here several times before but nobody asked me like this. Did they know that I was publishing this post at Indus.Blog.

Burger Meal at McDonald’s

Burger Meal McDonalds

Another 60 kms left to Mysore and I was already getting late. I made a non-stop ride from McDonald’s and reached Mysore in about 9.00 p.m. an easy five hours ride from Bangalore to Mysore. You know the Hayabusa will consume little lesser time.

That was about the Friday ride. I had full Saturday at my disposal but stayed at home until evening. Just before dark, I went to Chamundi Hills and later to Mysore Palace to witness the palace lights. The photographs are in the next post.

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