Best fueling experience in Mysore

A good consumer experience in a fuel station is rare in India. The shell petrol bunks introduced greeting the customers saying “namaste.” Their staffs were polite and courteous. This attracted lot many consumers. However, their rules and regulations like switching off the vehicle and getting down the motorcycle while fueling irritated few consumers. Some of them did not like it and opted for petrol bunks where rules were little relaxed.

Shivashakti Fuel Station – Mysore Bangalore Road

Shivashakti Service Station Mysore
Shivashakti Service Station

I am a loyal customer to shell because of their attitude towards customers and safe practices. Even the quality of their fuel is at par. It was very rare that I went to other fuel stations.

Sometimes brand loyalty can be maintained only if the seller is within reach. When you drive far you cannot expect your favorite fuel supplier to be everywhere.

When I was riding from Mysore to Bangalore, I did not find the shell bunk on the way and happened to get into a fuel station franchised with Bharat Petroleum. My fueling experience here surpassed that of Shell bunks.

The majority of the staffs in this petrol bunk on the Mysore Bangalore highway were female. As I entered the fuel stations, A middle aged woman wearing a Saree and a hat welcomed me. She showed me to one of the fuel dispensers to fill the fuel. I would like to call this woman “captain” to identify her in the later stage in this post. After fueling my motorcycle, I had to get the tyre pressure right.

The petrol bunk had two types of air, a normal air that was free of charge and a nitrogen air at Rs 5 per tyre. I opted for the nitrogen. The woman staff who operated the tyre pressure system suggested deflating the tyre completely and filling the nitrogen and I gave a go ahead.

Female staff checking the tyre pressure

Female staff checking the tyre pressure
Female staff checking the tyre pressure

She deflated both the tyres and filled the nitrogen to the front tyre without hassle. However, she could not get the required pressure for the rear tyre and finally gave hope. She told me to fill the normal air instead of nitrogen to the rear tyre. Before I could agree to it, the captain insisted to try filling the nitrogen again. She did not want to disappoint me and called another person to try.

When the tyre is fully flat, it may take more time to get the tyre pressure right with the nitrogen. I didn’t know this and so that lady.

What I liked the most in this scenario is the never give up attitude of the captain. She insisted to try again even I (customer) said not to bother.

I was waiting patiently when the nitrogen experiment was taking place. The staffs offered me tea and other beverages that I declined. They gave me complimentary newspaper and a clean yellow cloth that came in handy later.

This was the best experiences I encountered in a fuel station. Hope they continue to greet people in the same manner.

2 thoughts on “Best fueling experience in Mysore

  1. Thank you Sir for taking time out to appreciate us.
    I remember your visit at the outlet. To see your review is very encouraging to us. We always strive to do better at what we do.
    Thank you again.

    Bhagya Ramalingam


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