Mantri Mall-Barbecue Punjab Grill

Barbeque by Punjab Grill

It was an unplanned treat for us at the Barbeque by Punjab Grill at Bangalore’s Mantri Mall. Several days ago, my nine years daughter had watched a 9D movie there and she remembered it and wanted to go again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there and fortunately the Barbeque by Punjab Grill was there.

Mantri Mall - Barbecue by Punjab Grill
Mantri Mall – Barbecue by Punjab Grill

We spent some time at amoeba until noon and later browsed for the restaurants for lunch. The Barbeque by Punjab Grill seemed to be best bet. At Rs. 900 for an adult, the unlimited grilled meat (chicken, prawns & fish) was the best bet. They charged half the price for children below 10 years or so. We were hungry and had space for food worth that money.

Food Photographs at Barbecue by Punjab Grill

Live Grill
Live Grill

Live Grill

Pani Puri

I think there is no harm in eating one or two gol goppas after sumptuous meal if there is any space left.

Gol Goppas (Pani Puri)
Gol Goppas (Pani Puri)

Pineapple Pastry

Well, you can miss the gol goppas but not the pineapple pastries. Awesome it was.

Pineapple Pastry

The restaurant has a fantastic ambience and the staffs are super good. They ensure the plates are not empty until we stop them. It is not only about grilled meat, there is more. I enjoyed the rice, gravies and even fruits.

If you are planning for a buffet, consider such a kind of restaurant. You got to go really hungry, skipping the breakfast and start binging at 12 noon. Binge more on fish and prawns. You know how much you will pay if it was a la carte. Eat slowly as if you don’t care for the food and take a walk in between. Drink some hot water or lemonade. Don’t drink too much. Keep eating.

Hope you had fun reading this post.

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